Beginning in 2007 Clinton Landfill began making $50,000.00 Payments per year to the Dewitt County Board for their promise to not hold public hearings required by state law for a Special Federal Hazardous Waste landfill that would store some of the most dangerous waste in the world. This waste is so dangerous that it can only be regulated by the United States Federal Government. The Federal Landfill would also have been used for other less dangerous hazardous waste regulated under Illinois State law.

Lisa Madigan says… “Clinton Landfill attempted to evade state law by not seeking local approval to accept certain chemical waste”

Illinois’s one and only landfill for state regulated hazardous waste was owned by Clinton Landfill in Peoria County, full in 2007 it was no longer able to accept hazardous waste. Payments of $50,000.00 per year to the Dewitt County Board allowed Clinton Landfill to continue to accept State Hazardous Waste along with the more dangerous Federal Hazardous Waste in Dewitt County. In 2010 Illinois EPA allowed the hazardous waste landfill to be constructed, Clinton Landfill began accepting state hazardous waste in 2011. Federal approval was never granted for the more dangerous federal hazardous waste.

Other Illinois Government Bodies also said… “landfill owners erroneously applied for and obtained a permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to build and operate a chemical waste unit within the boundaries of the municipal solid waste landfill.” … Clinton landfill agreed in a government settlement (November 2015) to no longer accept specific state regulated hazardous waste and agreed that public hearings should have been conducted first before applying for federal and state permits to accept hazardous waste at Clinton Landfill.

In regards to the recent settlement Lisa Madigan said… “This action will prohibit the landfill from receiving hazardous waste, and it protects the public’s right to be heard before chemicals are accepted by landfills in their neighborhoods.”

Public outcry continues concerning the safety of the Mahomet Aquifer with nearly 30,000 tons of state regulated hazardous waste already deposited in Clinton Landfill and its continued operation of its hazardous waste unit.

Government bodies say that hazardous waste… “deposited without any local siting approval from the Dewitt County Board constitutes a substantial and unreasonable interference with the rights of the Plaintiffs and the public to participate in a local siting hearing before the Dewitt County Board as required by statute in furtherance of protecting the Mahomet Aquifer and the public health, safety and welfare, thereby posing a public nuisance.”