Mahomet Aquifer Granted Stay of Execution

Government Officials say Clinton Landfill is still a threat to Mahomet Aquifer

Supposedly no more PCBs and MGPs will be heading for the Mahomet Aquifer but Clinton Landfill has more hazardous waste planed for its Dewitt County waste facility that will continue to threaten the Mahomet Aquifer. The Long running battle to save the Mahomet Aquifer may have come to the end of Round #1 but the fight continues on. Waste still planed for Clinton Landfill includes other types of hazardous waste that are just as dangerous as PCBs and MGPs to drinking waters supplies like the Mahomet Aquifer.

More than 4 years after W.A.T.C.H.’s letter, presented (May 16, 2011) to IEPA agency officials informing them that the permit approved for Clinton Landfill was in violation of law, agency officials have finally agreed the permit to be in violation of law in a Dewitt County court room (November 12, 2015). Clinton Landfill began excepting hazardous waste that was allowed by the illegal permit on (April 1, 2011), April fool’s day.

Agreeing with W.A.T.C.H. was a coalition of central Illinois local governments that had heard about the threat to their drinking water; they filed a complaint in November of 2012 challenging Clinton Landfills permit. In January of 2014 Lisa Madigan Illinois Attorney General joined the coalition complaint opposing Clinton Landfill’s Permit.

For 4 years dangerous waste was dumped in the Mahomet aquifer allowed by the Illegal permit in question that was granted by the IEPA. Government officials say this happened because Clinton Landfill falsified documents that mislead IEPA officials that then would not correct their mistake in the permit.

Only after legal action by the local government coalition and Illinois Attorney General, plus being ordered directly by the Governor of Illinois, did the IEPA agency officials correct their mistake, even after this Clinton Landfill still continued to defend its illegal permit, saying the government had no right to take its permit away.

Public outcry has been to hold those responsible for threatening the Mahomet Aquifer accountable. The vary same people responsible that allowed this to go on for 4 years are still in charge, again the public questions is “is this the way our government should be run”?

Maybe Clinton Landfill is not the only threat to the Mahomet Aquifer.

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