Lisa Madigan Illinois Attorney General Joins local Effort for EPA Oversite

In a long drawn out battle to protect central Illinois water supply one thing has been agreed on by everyone involved, Illinois EPA has failed to do their job, question now is what to do about it?

A troubled Illinois EPA today has found itself not just supporting the industry they are tasked to regulate but actually defending it.

Clinton Landfill in an attempt to turn its residential landfill into a federal regulated hazardous toxic dump site misled the public and government officials to get needed government approval. Clinton Landfill said they had to do it “as this hazardous waste has to go some ware” Clinton Landfill testified to this before Illinois House environmental committee.

Clinton Landfill operated Illinois’s only hazardous landfill in Peoria until its closer which triggered their plans to convert a residential landfill in Clinton Illinois into a federal regulated hazardous toxic dump.

Illinois EPA and Clinton Landfill joined together to get Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Central Illinois Government officials to dropall court proceedings that would have stopped landfilling operations at Clinton Illinois. USEPA acted in March 2015 to protect the Mahomet Aquifer by designating it as the sole source of water for central Illinois. Illinois Law restrictslandfilling above federally protected aquifers.

Illinois EPA and Clinton Landfill are asking government officials to allow them to violate state and federal laws and continue landfilling over central Illinois’s vulnerable water supply. Illinois EPA andClinton Landfill are asking too that the responsibility for doing this be thatof the Government officials by way of written contracts and verbal agreements.

The fix-all offered by the Illinois EPA and Clinton Landfill has outraged the public and environmentalist.

Government officials are asking for oversight of Illinois EPA, public outcry is for more than just oversight.

Question for Attorney General Lisa Madigan is how do you plan on fixing the Illinois EPA? 

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